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What is Kalungi?

Introducing Kalungi

Kalungi helps marketing leaders and content marketers track how their content is performing, in a simple, yet comprehensive dashboard. Kalungi tracks all the content you publish and provides the metrics you need, to see how your content is performing across various platforms.

Other marketing dashboards only give you part of the picture, or require training to decipher the data. Some dashboards let you track visitors and page views, but don’t tell you how often your content is shared; others show you how your content is performing on social media, but don’t show if people are linking to your content.

Kalungi gives you all of that, in one dashboard, in one view. It’s that simple.

Why it’s important:

Content marketing is core to the best and most scalable long-term marketing we can do, and there aren’t a lot of tools available at the executive level. There are opportunities to get certified in products like Google Analytics and MOZ, but if you’re the CMO or CEO, you shouldn’t have to get trained in all those tools – you need concrete, actionable answers, and you need them in a single, easy to navigate dashboard. Kalungi was designed for content marketing leaders, by content marketing leaders, based on many concrete, real world customer situations, so we know which data is relevant and most important in tracking your content.

What’s considered good content differs for every content marketer. For some, it’s important to know how often your content gets shared (influencer marketing, brand building); for others, it’s how often your content is visited and converted (demand generation). There are situations where measuring engagement through comments is the most interesting proxy to measure success, in educating your audience, for example.

With Kalungi, we provide a standard content marketing score that allows benchmarking within industries, or with other audiences or premium customers, based on a combination of five factors we believe determine how your content is performing.

How it Works:

Kalungi analyzes your blog or website, and compiles the data in an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to see exactly how your content is performing across multiple metrics and KPIs.

Easily determine:

  • Where and when your content is shared across various social media platforms
  • How often your content is linked to, commented on, or mentioned
  • How your content performs in the first week of publication, the last week, or over its lifetime
  • Your content’s overall “Content Score” – a combination of 5 important factors that show how your content ranks
  • Your content’s NLP (natural language processing) score, which shows your readability index
  • What the historical performance is based on how you set up your KPI’s, allowing you to track apples to apples over time

Kalungi lets you sort, filter, pick the metrics, and share and collaborate with your team. It gives you a detailed, overall view of how your content is performing over time, so you can focus the KPIs that are most important to you. Don’t just track it, but optimize and improve it.

Kalungi takes the guessing out of content marketing.

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